too blessed to be depressed

  1. Beautiful Old Manila





    Manila Bay in 1920s:

    Taft Venue in mid 30s:

    Escolta Street 1940s:

    Quezon Boulevard 1942:

    Manila 1950s:

    Manila 1960s:

    Luneta Park 1960s:

    Quiapo Church 1960s:

    Dewey Boulevard 1965 (now Roxas Blvd):

    Escolta 1968:

    CCP 1970s

    A bus from 1983 :)

    Rizal Park:

    The old Manila is beautiful! No traffic, no pollution, we have lots of trees, wide sidewalks, and no dirts. Stunning and very historical.

    2 deck bus? Srsly?

    oh the grandeur of old Manila..

    Seriously, what happened?

    my beautiful Pinas