too blessed to be depressed

  1. My mom gets irritated easily lately…

    This is why I am not a fan of Vice Ganda (Filipino Entertainer), yes he’s funny and witty and entertaining, but albeit he has some very negative influence on how we Filipinos converse lately. He has this way of making a confirmatory question sound dumb. And recently, I’ve been a victim of this although my mom takes it a notch higher, she gets upset. Example:

    Scene: We were talking about our newly installed electric meter.

    Mama : Ikakabit na daw mamaya yung kuntador, nakausap ko na si Bunso, late na daw dumating yung papeles. (The meter will be installed today, I talked to Bunso and she said the papers came late)

    Me: What papers? 

    Mama: Anong papeles? Ano pa nga ba? Ay papeles nila… (What papers? What else? There papers…)

    This is the part where I usually draw a sharp sigh and put my head set on.

    My point is, Vice Ganda turned almost every conversation as an opportunity to be sarcastic, I only do that just to avoid being mean, but now people think it’s cool and “i”. My mom maybe don’t realize it but she is also influenced as well, not good.



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